Current Students

Nia Dowell    
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Bio: Nia Dowell is a cognitive psychology doctoral student in the Institute for Intelligent Systems at the University of Memphis. Nia is currently pursuing her PhD under the direction and mentorship of Dr. Arthur Graesser. Her primary interests are in cognitive psychology, discourse processing and affective sciences. In general, her research focuses are on using language and discourse to uncover the dynamics of socially significant, cognitive, and affective processes. She is currently applying computational techniques to model discourse and social dynamics in authoritarian regimes, as well as in the contexts of adaptive intelligent tutoring systems and collaborative learning environments.

Shi Feng
Bio: Shi Feng is a PhD candidate at the University of Memphis. She successfully defended her 
Master’s at the University of Memphis under the supervision of Dr. Art Graesser. She joined the 
Center for the Study of Adult Literacy in 2012 for developing Autotutor modeled framework for 
helping struggling adult readers. Her other projects include disengagement during reading, and mind wandering during discourse comprehension. Her current interest includes computational linguistics, discourse processing and comprehension, text inferences, engagement during reading, and developing interesting texts for educational learning.

Haiying Li
Bio: Haiying Li is an experimental psychology PhD student working in the Institute for Intelligent Systems at the University of Memphis. She is interested in discourse processing, conversational agent in intelligent tutoring systems, and learning environments. Currently, she is involved in the projects such as Language across Culture, Chinese Coh-Metrix, AutoMentor, and Center for the Study of Adult Literacy at University of Memphis.