Editor: Journal of Educational Psychology

Recent major grants as PI:

Institute for Defense Analysis and ONR NAWCTSD, A web site on institutional review boards and the ethical use of human subjects, 2000-2001, $950,000.

National Science Foundation, Developing AutoTutor for computer literacy and physics, 2001-2005, $1,274,075.

National Science Foundation, Developing and testing a computer tool that critiques survey questions, 2000-2002, $205,990.  

National Science Foundation, Simulating tutors with natural dialog and pedagogical strategies, 1997-2001, $900,000.

Office of Naval Research, Eye tracking while answering questions in electronic multimedia environments, 2001-2002, $120,000.

Office of Naval Research, Why2000: A tutor that teaches mental models using natural language dialogs, 2000-2005, $1,168,700 (Memphis allocation, PI on separate budget was Kurt VanLehn at University of Pittsburgh).

Recent major grants as coPI or Senior Researcher:

Franklin, S. (PI), & Graesser, A.C. (co-PI). Intelligent distribution agents, Office of Naval Research, 1998-2002, $1,500,000.

Gholson, J.B. (PI), Graesser, A.C. (co-PI), & Martindale, T. An implementation of vicarious learning with deep-level reasoning questions in middle school and high school classrooms, Institute of Education Sciences, 2005-2008, $1,050,000.

Klesges, R. (PI) & Graesser A.C. (co-PI). Decreasing weight gain in African American preadolescent girls, National Institutes of Health, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, 1999-2004, $4,501,168.

Klesges, R. (PI) & Graesser A.C. (co-PI). Smoking cessation in the elderly, National Institutes of Health, 1998-2004, $2,100,000.

Louwerse, M.M. (PI), Bard, E., Graesser, A.C. (co-PI), & Steedman, M. Tracking multimodal communication in humans and agents, National Science Foundation, 2004-2008, $735,949.

McNamara, D.S. (PI), Louwerse, M., & Graesser, A.C. (co-PI). Coh-Metrix: Automated cohesion and coherence scores to predict text readability and facilitate comprehension, Institute of Education Sciences, 2002-2007, $1,477,200 (with supplement).

McNamara, D.S. (PI), Morgan, R., Levinstein, I., Millis, K., Magliano, J., Wiemer-Hastings, K., & Graesser, A.C. iSTART: Interactive Strategy Training for Active Reading and Thinking, Institute of Education Sciences, 2004-2008, $1,800,000.

Person, N. (PI), & Graesser, A.C. Analyses of expert human tutors, Office of Naval Research, 2005-2008, $445,674.

Pennebaker, James (PI), & Graesser, A.C. (co-PI). Computer-based text analysis across cultures: Viewing language samples through English and Arabic eyes, Department of Defense Counterintelligence Field Activity, 2007-2008, $67,990 (Memphis allocation).

Wiley, Jennifer (PI), & Graesser, A.C. (co-PI). Understanding in science, National Science Foundation, 2002-2005, $296,902.