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Project Name: Applications of Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) to Improve the Skill Levels of Students with Deficiencies in Mathematics
Working Title:
ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces)
PI: Xiangen Hu
Scotty D. Craig, Celia Anderson, Anna Bargagloitti, Art Graesser, Allan Sterbinsky
Dates: 2009-2013
Funding Agency:
Institute of Education Science (IES)
Amount: $2,322,310

Project Name: ARIES (Acquiring Research, Investigative, and Evaluative Skills)
Keith Millis (Northern Illinois University)
Co-PIs: Art Graesser, Diane Halpern
Dates: 2007-2011
Funding Agency: IES
Amount: $640,000 (Memphis allocation)

Project Name: Beyond Boredom: Modeling and Promoting Engagement during Complex Learning
Sidney D'Mello
Art Graesser, Andrew Olney
Funding Agency:
$301,864 (Memphis allocation)

Project Name: Center for Study of Adult Literacy
PI: Daphne Greenberg (Georgia State University)
Co-PIs: Art Graesser, Mark Conley, Xiangen Hu, Andrew Olney, Maureen Lovett
Dates: 2012-2017
Funding Agency: IES
Amount: $2,219,911 [Memphis allocation]

Project Name: AutoMentor: Virtual Mentoring and Assessment in Computer Games for Stem Learning
PI: David Shaffer (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Co-PIs: Art Graesser, Michael Gleicher, Robert Mislevy, Kristen Scopinich
Dates: 2009-2014
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)
Amount: $742,248 [Memphis allocation]

Project Name: DeepTutor: An Intelligent Tutoring System Based on Deep Language and Discourse Processing and Advanced Tutoring Strategies
PI: Vasile Rus
Art Graesser, Don Franceschetti, Anna Bargagliotti, Mark Conley
Dates: 2010–2013
Funding Agency: IES
Amount: $1,650,272

Project Name: Guru: A Computer Tutor that Models Expert Human Tutors
PI: Andrew Olney
Co-PIs: Art Graesser, Natalie Person, Betsy Williams
Dates: 2008–2011
Funding Agency: IES
Amount: $1,858,176

Project Name: Inducing, Tracking, and Regulating Confusion and Cognitive Disequilibrium During Complex Learning
PI: Art Graesser
Sidney D’Mello
Dates: 2009–2012
Funding Agency: NSF
Amount: $599,689

Project Name: Modeling Discourse and Social Dynamics in Authoritarian Regimes
Working Title: Language across Cultures
PI: Art Graesser
Co-PIs: Jeff Hancock, Claire Cardie, Mats Rooth, David Beaver, James Pennebaker
Funding Agency: NSF (subcontract with Cornell University)
Dates: 2009–2013 
Amount: $582,000 (Memphis allocation)

PI: Art Graesser
Co-PIs: Stan Franklin, Robert Reilly, Rosalind Picard, Barry Kort
Dates: 2003-2009
Funding Agency: NSF
Amount: $1,256,000

Project Name: Political Crisis and Language: A computational assessment of social disequilibrium and security threats
Working Title: Minerva
PI: Leah Windsor, University of Memphis
Co-PIs: Zhiqiang Cai, Art Graesser,
Senior Personnel: Ben Nye
Funding Agency: Office of Naval Research
Dates: 2014-2017
Amount: $1,285,656

Project Name: Robust Automated Knowledge Capture
PI: Sidney D'Mello
Co-PI: Art Graesser
Funding Agency: Sandia National Laboratories
Dates: 2008-2011
Amount: $225,000

Project Name: The Writing Pal: An Intelligent Tutoring System that Provides Interactive Writing Strategy Training
Working Title: Writing Pal
PI: Danielle McNamara
Co-PIs: Philip McCarthy, Loel Kim, Art Graesser
Dates: 2008–2011
Funding Agency: IES
Amount: $2,015,456

Working Title: ONR STEM Grand Challenge
PI: Xiangen Hu
Co-PIs: Art Graesser, John Haddock, Scotty Craig, Andrew Olney, Vasile Rus
Dates: 2013-2015
Funding Agency: ONR
Amount: $1,477,402

Working Title: GIFT
PI: Xiangen Hu
Co-PI: Art Graesser
Dates: 2012-2016
Funding Agency: ARL
Amount: $1,508,155