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This project is creating a community software infrastructure, called LearnSphere, that supports sharing, analysis, and collaboration across the wide variety of educational data. LearnSphere supports researchers as they improve their understanding of human learning. It also helps course developers and instructors improve teaching and learning through data-driven course redesign. The goal is to transform learning science and engineering through a large, distributed data infrastructure, and develop the capacity for course developers, instructors, and learning engineers to make use of it.


Memphis PI: Philip Pavlik

Co-PI’s in Memphis: Zhiqiang Cai, Xiangen Hu, Ben Nye, Art Graesser


Grant Name: CIF21 DIBBs: Building a Scalable Infrastructure for Data-Driven Discovery and Innovation in Education

Grant Number:  ACI-1443068

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation

Dates: 2015-2019

Amount: $750,000 (Memphis portion of total award of $4,830,819)