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ONR ElectronicsTutor


ElectronixTutor provides an advanced digital learning environment on the web for training students electronic circuits. ElectronixTutor integrates several intelligent tutoring systems (AutoTutor, Dragoon, LearnForm, BEETLE-II, ASSISTments) and conventional learning resources (texts, videos). The system design is guided by research in learning sciences, artificial intelligence, and automated natural language processing.  The system presents a logical progression through basic electronics that adapts to the learner at a fine-grained level. It recommends topics based on the learner's knowledge, mastery, and psychological characteristics. ElectronixTutor has begun live user testing in conjunction with university-level courses. 

PI: Art Graesser [University of Memphis]
Co-PI(s) at University of Memphis: Frank Andrasik, Xiangen Hu, Bashir Morshed, Andrew Olney, Phil Pavlik, Vasile Rus
Co-PI's at other institutions: Neil Heffernan (WPI), Ben Nye (USC), Kurt VanLehn (ASU) 
Project Name: Integration of Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Electronics
Dates: 2015-2018
Funding Agency: Office of Naval Research
Amount: $3,800,000