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Refereed Journal Publications (Does not include book chapters)

Graesser, A.C., Forsyth, C., & Lehman, B. (in press). Two heads are better than one: Learning from agents in conversational trialogues.  Teacher College Record. Link to PDF

Graesser, A., Kuo, B.C., & Liao, C.H. (2017). Complex problem solving in assessments of collaborative problem solving. Journal of Intelligence, 5(2), 10.

Book Chapters

Graesser, A.C., Rus, V., Hu, X. (in press).  Instruction based on tutoring. In R.E. Mayer and P.A. Alexander (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Learning and Instruction.  New York: Routledge Press. Link to PDF

Olney, A., D’Mello, S. K., Risko, E. F., & Graesser, A. C. (in press). Attention and engagement in educational contexts: The role of task demands in structuring goals that guide attention. In J. Fawcett, E. F. Risko & A. Kingstone (Eds.), Handbook of attention (pp. xx-yy). MIT Press: Cambridge, MA. Link to PDF

Lehman, B., & Graesser, A.C. (in press). Arguing your way out of confusion. In F. Paglieri (Ed.), The Psychology of Argument: Cognitive Approaches to Argumentation and Persuasion (pp. xx-yy). London: College Publications. Link to PDF

Graesser, A.C. (2017). Reflections on serious games. In H. van Oostendorp and P. Wouters (Eds.) Instructional techniques to facilitate learning and motivation of serious games. Springer. Link to PDF

Graesser, A.C., Dowell, N., & Clewley, D. (2017). In A. Von Davier, M. Zhu, and P,C. Kyllonen (Eds)., Innovative assessment of collaboration. New York: Springer.